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When you undergo solution oriented therapy with Andrew Abrams, you will work to find solutions to your problems by focusing more on where you want to be presently and in the future rather than focusing on the factors that created the problems.


With over 22 years of experience, you can trust Andrew Abrams to guide you through the process using a gentle and compassionate approach. Your goal is attainable with a little help and support from the right source.

Insurance accepted.

Short-term and cost-effective treatments.

Licensed clinical social worker serving the East End of Long Island.

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Solution oriented therapy is an ideal method if you currently need help reducing anxiety, coping with depression, getting relief from stress, dealing with anger or resolving family issues.


This type of therapy works well for individuals, couples and children. You can learn to cope and live a better and more productive life by participating in counseling sessions.

Will solution oriented therapy help me?

Reach your goals with solution oriented therapy